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'Alert U Safe' Warning device

'Alert U Safe' Warning device

SKU: 0018

The New Age Concepts Flasher Unit represents a significant advancement in
vehicle signalling and communication.


Our innovative warning device
uplevels your fleet and significantly enhances safety on the road and job


Our unit’s unique feature is it’s ability to automate and vary light patterns
based on the truck’s actions, such as reversing and unloading. No more
human error! The device turns your truck's pre-exisiting lights into a dynamic
warning system.


Stay alert, stay safe with Alert U Safe


The automated signalling provides clear and unmistakable communication. This allows ground
personnel and other road uses to stay connected, alert and protected when audible cues are not heard due to workers wearing hearing protection and general construction noise. With our unit, you eliminate the risk of blind spots of a vehicle when lane changing as it turns the side marker lights into a directional indicator.

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