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The LUIS EDGE AI-camera is a smart camera capable of real-time differentiation between individuals and other obstacles. Depending on the proximity of the identified person, the system delivers a gradual visual and auditory alert to the driver, and this alert feature can be integrated with truck speed reduction.

(Great Combination with 'Alert U Safe' Warning device with gives  individuals around the working truck/trailer an early warning when they are entering specific zones created on the camera)

-System can be operated with or without monitor, speed reduction in both cases optional

-Configurable detection area up to 12 meters

-Monitor configurable: Warning sound, visualization of bounding box and warning zones

-Up to 4 cameras connectable

-Camera resolution: Full HD 1920 x 1080 Pixel

-Quick installation and easy configuration

-Camera protection class IP69k

-Several cameras connectable (detection in front and rear)

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