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Pilot Lamp

Pilot Lamp

SKU: 0026

Introducing Our Pilot Lamp:

Enhance your equipment's visual indicators with our reliable Pilot Lamp. Here's why it's a practical addition:


  • Clear Status Indication: Provide visual cues of your equipment's operational status, ensuring quick recognition from a distance.

  • Efficient Illumination: Illuminate control panels and devices with our dependable pilot lamp, enhancing visibility in various environments.

  • Easy Installation: Effortlessly integrate the pilot lamp into your equipment's design for quick setup and enhanced functionality.


Upgrade your equipment's indicators – choose our Pilot Lamp for clear and efficient status indication. Ensure seamless operation and improved visibility in your systems, optimizing overall functionality and user experience.


Narva Pilot Lamp L.E.D Amber 24V only 
P/No. 62066BL

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