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Wireless remote system (Raise lower only)

Wireless remote system (Raise lower only)

SKU: 0059

Introducing Our Wireless Remote System for Body Raise/Lower with Solenoid Control Box:

Upgrade your vehicle or equipment with our convenient Wireless Remote System designed for easy body raise/lower functionality. Here's why it's a valuable addition:


  • Wireless Control: Enjoy the convenience of wireless remote operation, allowing you to raise or lower the body of your vehicle or equipment from a distance.


  • Solenoid Control Box: The included solenoid control box ensures seamless and reliable operation, providing precise control over the raising and lowering mechanism.


  • Plug and Play Kit: Our kit comes ready to install with plug and play functionality, eliminating the need for complex wiring or modifications. Simply connect the components and you're ready to go.


  • Easy Installation: With straightforward installation steps, you can have the system set up and operational in no time, saving you both time and hassle.


Upgrade your vehicle or equipment with our Wireless Remote System for effortless body raise/lower functionality. Experience the convenience of remote operation and enjoy the ease of installation with our plug and play kit.

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